The Ark Single Player – Shaka Zulu in The Ark. Epi. 1

The Ark is about to be ruled by a ruthless king.
Boy do I love survival games, role play games and open world games. The Ark Survival has all of this and more.

So why Shaka Zulu? I’m from South Africa where Shaka once ruled as King of the Zulus. The man fascinated me when I was a kid. He was a bad ass mofo but very well respected by everybody. Those who did not respect him… well they were dead because that’s sort of how Shaka rolled.
Shaka built the Zulu empire by eliminating or taking over all the other tribes in Southern Africa. Shaka’s prefered weapon of choice was a short stabbing spear. He prefered it to throwing spears because in his way of thinking throwing spears at your enemy was just providing your enemies with free weapons.

So lets see how Skaka comes along in The Ark. He might fall. he might even struggle at first but he will get up and then he will flourish.

Apologies for the poor sound. There is a lot of background noise where I live and it was quite the job to remove it all from the audio leaving the rest quite wonky.
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