Liked on YouTube: What’s for Dinner? Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken and Easy Rice Pilaf

What’s for Dinner? Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken and Easy Rice Pilaf
Greetings! Tonight we are having an easy alternative to the common roasted chicken dinner. Lemon Garlic Roasted Chicken, reminiscent of Greek cooking, you will just love how flavorful and tender and juicy this bird gets when roasted with the onions, lemons, olive oil, garlic and oregano. This one is super simple and served along side the rice pilaf you will have an amazing meal that took little effort to prepare.

I am also showing you how to spatchcock the bird, or splay the bird so that you can cook it flat and reduce the cooking time., this also allows the bird to become perfumed with the flavors that you have introduced to the roasting pan more easily. Simply get out those scissors/shears that came with your knife set and use them as intended. Flip your bird upside down, so the breast meat is on the bottom and cut along either side of the back bone removing it completely. Flip her back over and give her a little press along the breast bone. This will help her to relax and cook more evenly. Then just season her up with a nice olive oil massage, a lemon juice shower and the oregano and garlic, I also added some Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.

The pilaf is equally as easy, just melt some olive oil and butter in your saucepan. Add in the rice and pasta and stir until you can see them brown, but not burn and you will smell a wonderful nutty aroma, then you add in your stock, bring to a boil, put the lid on and simmer for 20 minutes then turn off the heat and don’t peek for another 10 minutes and you will have perfect rice pilaf every time. You can add in anything you like, sautéed veggies, like onions, carrots and celery or you can toss in some slivered almonds for a more traditional flair. Whatever you choose, you are going to love this meal.

Serve this with a nice green salad or the veggie of your choice, a bed of spinach with some olive oil and lemon juice would be a stellar selection here, and you are ready to sit down, relax and enjoy an amazing meal that didn’t take hours to cook. You won’t even break a sweat putting this one on the table.

I mentioned in that my friend katzcradul recently did a video about preserving lemons In salt, those would be an amazing addition to this recipe, just sub the sliced lemons for the preserved ones and you will love it. Here is a link to her video:

I hope you try this and I hope you enjoy it and as always, Happy Eating!

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