Liked on YouTube: Summer Shrimp Salad with Marie Rose Dressing! Noreen’s Kitchen

Summer Shrimp Salad with Marie Rose Dressing! Noreen’s Kitchen
Greetings! Worked a ton in the garden the last two days. This afternoon when we came inside for a break, I got engrossed in a Jamie Oliver Christmas special (don’t ask) In it he made a really cool looking shrimp cocktail in lettuce cups with a Marie Rose sauce. The sauce was new to me but I totally wanted that for lunch. So I thawed out some baby shrimp and got out all the dressing ingredients and went to town.

This shrimp salad was really delicious! Simple to make and I didn’t have to go the store or a restaurant to get it. We typically will keep cooked frozen baby shrimp in the freezer for our turtles. So we used the turtle shrimp to make this.

Of course you can serve this in lettuce cups, but my lettuce was not cooperating so we plated a nice salad dish for you to see.

I hope you give this perfect salad a try with the upcoming hot weather. Add some hard cooked egg, roasted red peppers and capers along with a loaf of crusty bread and you have a no cook dinner on the table fast!

I hope you try it and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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