Liked on YouTube: How to make Dome lens for gopro or sjcam

How to make Dome lens for gopro or sjcam
How to make dome lens for gopro, sjcam, xiami yi. cheap and easy. All you need is 1 plastic dome, I do not recommend a glass dome as it may cause serious cuts when the it breaks in the pool. 1 balloon, and 1 baller bands. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me. subscribe and pls hit the like button. =) be sure to check my other Action camera Homemade accessories. Links are below.

▼If you want to buy a real dome lens you might want to check here:▼
Yoci 6″ Dome lens: (affiliate)
Shoot 4″ Dome lens: (affiliate)
TELESIN 6″ lens: (affiliate)

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Disclaimers: This Video Contains Affiliate link which means when you click on the link and buy something I get a very small commission to support my youtube channel.

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