Liked on YouTube: Spec-Ops The Line Gameplay Part 1

Spec-Ops The Line Gameplay Part 1
A Third-Person modern military Shooter designed to challenge players’ morality by putting them in the middle of unspeakable situations.

Spec-Ops The Line is an old game!
Okay yes this game was launched in 2012. 4 years old! In gaming 4 years is a century yet this game still shines today, looks good today and plays well today.

What makes this game so fracking great!?! The story is mind blowing…apparently. I heard that people play this game and can’t sleep after because they have experienced such guilt and horror at what they have done in game that they almost have a mini case of PTSD. Seriously there are guides written on how to deal with your feelings after playing this game.

How did I miss this game in 2012? Skyrim and New Vegas perhaps.

Anyway so I’m playing the game and recording it because I want you all to see the story unfold as I see it unfold. I might even make reaction videos about some of the episodes.

I do want you to go buy this game and play it. I don’t want to spoil it for you but so long as I can I will put the gameplay up without ads (at first to test the water) I’m hoping the developers don’t crap themselves and pull my videos.

So now let’s see what it is about this game that has people so torn up emotionally when they are done playing the game.

You can still buy this game. I bought it on Steam Power, play it on my PC (naturally) This game came out on the xbox, playstation and yes PC and even Mac.

For PC
Steam Power

For xbox and PS3
Gamestop xbox
Gamestop PS3

Check the official website for more info.

Here is the link for the game on Steam

via YouTube


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