Liked on YouTube: Allotment Challenge + some FAQ 2015

Allotment Challenge + some FAQ 2015
Hi Folks. Here’s my response to the Allotment Challenge originally posted by Foodie Laura in the UK.
Thanks to Jay from Self Sufficient Life for tagging me.

1. How long have you had your allotment for?
2. How long did you have to wait for your allotment?
3. Where did you learn about gardening?
4. Do you plant a winter garden?
5. What has been your biggest success this year/ever?
6. What’s been your biggest gardening disaster?
7. Do you have a tried and true crop variety that you always grow?
8. Are you planning on trying anything new next year?
9. How do you preserve your crops?
10. What’s your favourite meal to cook with veg from the plot?

Jay’s Clip

Laura’s Clip

Andy’s “McDowall Manor” channel

Andrew’s “Veggie patch in Perth” channel

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Have a great one everyone.

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