Liked on YouTube: Pixelmator Tutorial: Basic Overview & Photoshop Comparison

Pixelmator Tutorial: Basic Overview & Photoshop Comparison
In this video I take you on a quick look around the photo editing program known as Pixelmator. We take a quick look at the set up, editing tools, pallets and more.

What is Pixelmator?

Pixelmator is a “photoshop-like” software for use on Mac and iPad. It’s an outstanding program that has just about anything the average parent could want or need.

Pixelmator is priced at just $29.99! They also offer a free trial if you want to get your feet wet and see if it’s for you.

Photoshop & Lightroom

Photoshop & Lightroom are the absolute best in my opinion. We will be making videos on both these programs in the future.

I wanted to start with Pixelmator because it’s extremely similar to Photoshop, in terms of work flow and tools. However, many people haven’t heard about Pixelmator.

Though Photoshop is the best, the truth is the average user won’t use a third of it’s capabilities. Pixelmator is a very powerful editing software that has all the most commonly used Photoshop features and it’s far less expensive.

You can get Photoshop & Lightroom for a monthly subscription of just $10. That’s a great price however, assuming you’re going to want to edit your photos for a long time, the savings with Pixelmator is large.

In this video I briefly show you the Photoshop and Lightroom workstations so you can see the differences.

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