Liked on YouTube: Kinetic Typography Tutorial for Camtasia

Kinetic Typography Tutorial for Camtasia

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You have seen Kinetic Typography or Kinetic Text before it’s not new but it is making a comeback along with animated, whiteboard and cartoon marketing videos. TechSmith only has a few basic tutorials available for animation in general. Nothing too fancy soI spent a few hours playing around with Camtasia and I figured out how to pull it off using .png images and the animation function.
Need to make your own .png text images?
For this video I used the logo creator to make my text. You can go check it out at this link.
belive me this software is very flexible and you can make almost any graphic with it. I believe it is on sale right now so go check it out!

There is a free headline creator you can use in a pinch. Not the best but give it a shot.

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